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At last! Hereís the page where you can get all the red dog info I havenít had space to include elsewhere. Iíve scoured the Internet, and meticulously sorted and sifted the results of my red dog info searches to come up with the following group of sites. These will help you on your way around the gambling world of the internet. Here, youíll find only the best of the best for red dog info, as far as Iím concerned. If you find a great site out there that I donít have on this page, just , and Iíll try to get it in here as soon as I can. Thanks for visiting!

Red dog poker is really a great game, and there are other casino card games that are reasonably similar. One of them is internet baccarat, and the Baccarat Guru is a great guy for giving lots if really good information about this cool card game! Another game that's got a lot in common with red dog poker is blackjack. Blackjack requires a lot more in the way of strategy, and knowledge of the game, so you might want to visit to get some good pointers for your next trip to the casino. Do you wanna play some video poker? You'll get loads of good ideas for strategy and rules at It's what many consider the best video game in the casino.

I just found a great French site that goes into the traditional game of poker with great detail. It took me a while to translate it, but once I did, I found lots of great information at There's even a page on there about Red Dog Rules! With its simple rule set and easy to follow game play, any online casino newbie will be more than happy to try playing online baccarat. It's easy to learn, fast-paced, and really fun! I absolutely love the information about this game on ! covers a lot of information that rookie poker players will surely find useful; including rules, strategies, tips, updated information and lots more. And the poker expert may want to browse through some of their recommendations. It's a fabulous reference resource!

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